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Snowpack Prediction Contest 2016-17

Can your classroom accurately predict the amount of snow that we will have at Bogus Basin this year?  How about the snow/water equivalent?  Send SnowSchool your prediction and you could win a prize for your entire classroom!  The closest class wins the prize!!  Winners will be announced in the spring.

Send your snow depth and snow/water equivalent prediction to:

Specifically, SnowSchool wants to know your prediction for the greatest snow depth measurement and the greatest snow/water equivalent measurement during the course of the entire winter.  One prediction (snow and water) per class please (this should be two numbers both in inches).

Example: Prediction for Ms. Smith’s Class- 50 inch snow depth, 14.1 inch snow/water equivalent


HISTORICAL SNOWPACK DATA: Its important to keep track of snow, how much of it there is in the mountains because mountain snow is our source of water in Idaho.  If we have less snow than normal, we could have less water available for people to use.  In making your prediction you will want to look at what happened in previous years (see graphs below), how much snow and snow/water equivalent we have on the ground right now (above graph), any data you collected during your SnowSchool field trip, and historical/forecasted weather.  To help with your predictions we’ve included a graph below of what happened last year (the very first year it was installed) at the SnowSchool Weather Station (Elevation 6241 ft) –

SnowSchool Weather Station Winter 2015-16  (Last Winter)


Other Weather Stations:  The SnowSchool Weather Station isn’t the only weather station around that records snow and water levels.  Nearby is the Bogus Basin SNOTEL Station that records the same type of information and its been around a lot longer.  However, because of its location this station typically gets MORE SNOW than the SnowSchool Weather Station.  So use the information below cautiously: