SnowSchool in the Boise Weekly

Thanks so much to Jessica Murri of the Boise Weekly for coming up to SnowSchool to spend a day with the SnowSchool crew and students from one of Whitney Elementary's 5th grade classes. Check out her article below. How exciting!


Winter Ecology and Tracking

Ray Vizgirdas (local naturalist and long time friend and partner to SnowSchool) is offering a FREE class on winter ecology and wildlife tracking at the Foothills Learning Center on February 4th from 7-8pm. This is a great resource if you're interested in learning more about how to interpret clues in the snow.

 Check it out here!


Upcoming on-snow training

Saturday (January 2nd) is our final Activities Training day! The day will be a mock-SnowSchool where Kerry (National SnowSchool Director) and I will take you through a day of SnowSchool. We'll model the 3 Essentials for you as well as many other activities. It will also be a good day for trail orientation.

Dress prepared to spend the day out in the snow. Waterproof clothing, boots, gloves, etc. If you have snowshoes, feel free to bring them. If you don't have any or prefer not to bring yours, there are loads to borrow from the Nordic Lodge. Don't forget to bring a lunch and water bottle. The day should be wrapped up by 4pm at the latest.

We'll carpool from the downtown office (2600 N. Bogus Basin Rd.) at 8:45am. Please don't park in the parking lot. We need to park along Parkhill which is just north of the front doors of the sales office and right in front of an apartment complex.

I highly suggest reading through the Activity and Curriculum Guide on the SnowSchool website before attending this training. This will give you background info. on the activities we present on Saturday. Here's the link to the guide:

Saturday, January 2nd
Carpool at 8:45 from downtown office
Bring lunch and water

Can't wait, looking forward to it!



First SnowSchool training of the season

Tuesday, December 15th is our first training day for SnowSchool. The Boise WaterShed and The Foothills Learning Center have generously offered to present their pre-trip lessons to our volunteers and interns. This will provide more background and information on what the students coming up to SnowSchool have been introduced to allowing you to incorporate these lessons into your on-snow teaching.

Tuesday, December 15th
10:30-12:30 (approximately one hour per lesson)
Bogus Basin downtown sales office (2600 N. Bogus Basin Rd.)
Come in through the front doors and the sales office will direct you to the conference room.


2016 SnowSchool Season

Welcome to another season of snowshoeing, belly sliding, teaching, and sharing your passion for winter and the outdoors with young ones. SnowSchool planning is in full swing to ensure this upcoming season is one of the best.

We're in the makings of the largest season of SnowSchool yet! The program would not be where it's at today without your continual dedication and outstanding leadership. Thank you! 

We'll have our annual Veteran Volunteer Orientation at the Bogus Basin downtown office (2600 N. Bogus Basin Rd.) on November 18th7-8pm. At this gathering we'll chat about the upcoming season, new additions to the program, and you can sign up for leadership dates. 

I also wanted to let you know that I will be giving two presentations at REI to interested parties about becoming a SnowSchool volunteer. Not that this is something for you guys to attend, but wanted to let you know in the event that you have any family and friends that are interested in volunteering. If you do know of individuals or groups that might be interested, please invite them to the REI presentations (November 4 and December 9 at 7pm, REI on Milwaukee and Emerald).

Here are the training dates:

Activities Day (choose one): Saturdays, December 19th or January 2nd                                                Pre-trip lesson presentations: Tuesday, December 15th, 10:30am, Bogus Basin downtown office (2600 N. Bogus Basin Rd.)                                                                                                                                 Build the igloo: Sunday, January 3rd
Hydrology and ecology: Monday, January 4th
Week of January 4th: Veteran led groups with new interns and volunteers shadowing. This first week is huge in terms of numbers, 210 in the first 4 days! We'll need lots of veteran volunteers on-hand to show the new folks the ropes. 

Thanks so much for making SnowSchool such an incredible program! Looking forward to seeing and catching up with you all!