Information and Prep

Elementary School Teachers

SnowSchool is currently available to all 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students and their teachers in the greater Treasure Valley area. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view a slide show that will help prepare your students for their SnowSchool experience!

Generally we offer a choice of two curriculum areas; Snow science and the water cycle or, Plant and animal adaptations in winter.  Contact Ilyse Sakamoto at to schedule a trip or discuss curriculum.


Junior High School Teachers

Based on successes last season SnowSchool is now offering physical-education program for 7th, 8th and 9th grade students and their teachers.  In one day certified staff members introduce the students to three winter sports; skate skiing, classic cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  Contact Ilyse Sakamoto at to schedule a trip or find out more information.


High School Teachers

Based on successful trial runs last season, SnowSchool is now offering high school environmental science students and their teachers a unique environment-based education program.  Working in conjunction with the classroom teachers, snowschool staff will help create a one day curriculum that fits the students current field of focus and ability level.  Contact Ilyse Sakamoto at to schedule a trip or find out more information.


Online Preparation Presentations

To make preparing for SnowSchool easier we have created a online mini presentation for your class.  Download the file that corresponds with your students' grade level, make sure itworks with your PC and then show to your class!   Works great with classroom projectors.


If you are attending Bogus Basin SnowSchool and need a copy of the Winter Education release, you can find it below.