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A day at SnowSchool is a day spent in the snow, so there are some recommended items:

·     As far as what to wear - No matter what the weather, you will always want a waterproof outer layer of pants and jacket.  Check the weather the night before to gauge how many layers under your waterproof layer – but keep in mind that it is always better to have too many layers rather than not enough.  Also keep in mind that snowshoeing can be physically exerting, and it will warm you up.  Waterproof boots are also needed.

·     You will need to bring lunch - We will eat lunch in the lodge after a morning outside on the snow.  There is a microwave for volunteer use.

·    If you have your own snowshoes feel free to bring them, however, we do have plenty of adult snowshoes for volunteers to borrow. 

·     If you are worried that you do not have all of the right gear just do the best that you can.  If needed, SnowSchool does have some gear that can be borrowed by volunteers.

Last updated on April 17, 2017 by snowschool